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Video Cards and drivers: Different Video cards drivers are available on this CD-ROM. Install these drivers to update your system to 16 million colors which is recommended for Bhagavad Gita CD-ROM.

Versions of ATI's video accelerator prior to 2.1 do not work well with Video for Windows version 1.1. Installing the accelerator software after installing Video for Windows can overwrite Video for Windows Version 1.1 components with components from the previous version. iwcreplica.com Avoid installing any version of the video accelerator unless it is specifically noted to be compatible with Video for Windows Version 1.1.

Add or change the DeviceBitmaps=ON to DeviceBitmaps=OFF. This will solve many problems related to ATI drivers. This setting can be found under the [mach] section of the Win.ini file for Mach32 based cards or in the [machx] section of the System.ini file for Mach64 based cards.